8 Tips for iPhone Street Photography

Tips 1: Let your phone on standby

Have you ever come across a situation that when you see an interesting screen in the street and want to shoot, the picture was missing while you use the phone waiting for opening a photography APP? Yeah, opportunity will not waiting for you. I usually remain my iPhone in photography mode, it supports me to unlock the phone screen and immediately shooting at any time, it lets me seldom miss the pictures I want to shoot in the street.

Tips 2: Stabilize your cell phone

It sounds certain, the photo shoot with the phone easily occur following issue:

You will found that the main body of photo looks fuzzy on the computer which takes a good look on the small screen of the phone. So you should stabilize your phone when shooting, especially in low-light conditions.

Tips 3: Make good use of your headphones

iPhone original headset voice button can also use as a shutter, sometimes do not want to disturb the objects you want to shoot in street photography, you can pretend you’re listening to music or talking on the phone. It also allows you to reduce the vibration when you press the shutter button and accidentally touch the phone screen.

Tips 4: Lock aperture

Some APPS functionality includes the locking of aperture and focal length. I personally like aperture lock function, natural light on the street is very random, locking the aperture allows me to better control the light, it can not only make proper exposure to the photo, but also allows me to take different atmospheres in the same condition of light.

Tips 5: Just shooting

Never hesitate, those nature scenes on the street does not appear the second time. If you don’t like the photo, you can delete it, but you absolutely cannot let a street scene happen again. Therefore, if your instincts want you to shoot, then you shoot, just do not hesitate.

Tips 6: Foreknowledge

You never know what will happen in the streets. The ability to predict is no super powers, but use your powers of…

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