abundance of sardines: Great catch! But humble sardine fails to woo buyers | Goa News

PANAJI: The markets are seeing an abundance of sardines this season but the stroke of good luck is not necessarily spelling happiness for fishermen.

Selling the fresh catch for as little as 50 a kg from its previous lofty price of 100 a kg is still leaving the fishermen with an exess of as much as 90 kg a day. Such such a large surplus on their hands, most of it is ending up at fish meal plants.

“People are purchasing more than their usual amount because of the lower prices. Despite this we are easily left with 60-90 kg of sardines a day,” said fish vendor Girish Naik.

Another vendor, Devanand Lamani, was quick to add, “We are currently incurring a loss of 2,000-3,000 a day. Owing to humidity, the shelf life of sardines is only a day. We are forced to sell the leftover fish to fish meal plants every day.”

This phenomenon does not entirely mean losses, insist others….

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