American Bulldogs – Perfect Companion for Families with Children? by Ricardo Lumbardo

American Bulldogs – Perfect Companion for Families with Children?
 by: Ricardo Lumbardo

American Bulldogs are very popular nowadays all over the world. There are lot of dog lovers who love the strong, well muscled breeds such as Rottweilers and schnauzer. As these dogs are loyal and highly protective they are fit for families.

Features and Personality Traits

Become familiar with the characteristics and personality traits of American Bulldogs as these will help you understand if these dogs are appropriate for your family. These dogs are very lovable, but they can be a bit difficult to train, hard-headed and stubborn at times. When you train them, you will find that they can be very affectionate and loyal, so it is really worth. It is a very intelligent breed, so they will be part of your family. They provide protection and companionship, but you should definitely think twice to bring them home if this is your first time owning a dog. You will need a lot of patience and commitment to train or if you want an animal that is aggressive and provocative and may be simply out of control at times.

Bulldogs with Children

You will have to take extra precaution when choosing an animal as pet if you have children or even infants in the house, because all races are suitable and safe during use. American Bulldogs, fortunately, does not pose a threat to children. It would be important, but to train them well so they will be very careful when they are around babies. Children must also learn to play with pets, so it does not feel threatened or defensive. Children should be encouraged to participate in dog obedience training so that they can familiarize themselves with the controls. When the puppy is well trained, then it will be loyal and affectionate with children and even friendly.

For every family keeping a pet in the house is a great responsibility and something they have to commit to completely. The American Bulldogs are large and heavy, therefore you should also consider…

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