Best App For Your Blackberry Device

Blackberry markets is not good lately because of the Android and Apple leading product out there. Smartphone industry has become more challenging and competitive with more advance technologies, feature, and hardware that less expensive these day use in modern Smartphone. It’s correct that Android and iPhone app is far more available on quantity compare with Blackberry out there, but it doesn’t make this device lack of good app to choose in fact several of Blackberry app isn’t found on other Smartphone and provide great feature you should try. With the launching of Blackberry 10, the number of application improve and is still growing currently. Here’s the list to be able to pick the best application for your Blackberry handset. 





Who doesn’t know this application, WhatsApp is a messenger client for Smart phone that very popular currently, much like BlackBerry messenger this application enable you to send message by using connection to the internet along with file exchange feature and so on. This application using 3G, Edge, Wi-Fi and many other connection to communicating with the data files. WhatsApp Messenger is regarded as best im client right now that accessible for various platform. With a small size, this app give quite good feature for instant messenger.


Blackberry Messenger


The exclusive instant messenger on every blackberry handset available, this app is definitely the major reason why people actually purchase Blackberry. Just like the other instant messenger client, Blackberry messenger let you deliver message, picture, or video easily using internet connection as the primary connection. Every single Blackberry device has specific pin which is the identification of the owner. This pin is just designed for blackberry where they have their personal server or Rim to connect with one another. A lot of people use this app to easily connect with friend, relative, or family effectively.


Facebook For Blackberry


The Facebook…

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