Bouchra Elbali: Robin van Persie’s First Love

Van Persie is well-known as a Dutch footballer who plays for Arsenal F.C and the Dutch national as a creative forward. Talking about this soccer star, people can’t ignore his first serious lover. The son of two artists Van Persie has a very romantic relationship with Bouchra, a Dutch-Moroccan beauty. The couple started to date when they were 19 years old in Holland. Despite many obstacles from the girl’s family, Van Persie married to Bouchra and has a son named Shaqueel and a daughter named Dina Layla. The family of four people currently lives in Hampstead, North London.

Image of Bouchra, Robin Van Persie’s wife when she was pregnant

Bouchra Elbali, the wife of Arsenal and Dutch striker Robin Van Persie attracts people with her stunning beauty.

When Van Persie and Bouchra got together as 19-year-olds in Holland, her mother had warned her against seeing Van Persie

Bouchra said that her mother had advised her to keep away from a relationship with a footballer because they are never serious.

Bouchra is now very fond of her husband because he is so honest and lovely, according to her.

Although Bouchra is not as famous in the entertainment industry as Yolanthe, Sylvie Sneijder’s wife or Sylvie, Van der Vaart’s wife, she is a good housewife who carefully takes care of the family.

However, Bouchra sometimes works as a model for several fashion magazines and participates in some charity events.

In 2005, the romantic love story of Van Persie nearly ended when the striker was accused of violation by a 21-year-old call girl named Sandra Boma Krijgsman. Bouchra was so sad, but still decided to forgive him.

The family seems to be very happy. Van Persie said that “We are so happy. My wife is lovely.”


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