Bumper sticker printing: Creative marketing strategy

Businesses are always thinking about online marketing because they get maximum business from the web. But have you ever thought ways to improve your website traffic through offline ways. You must be thinking that the writer has gone crazy with the idea of building website traffic with offline marketing. But on reading the article, you will find that I am right in saying that website traffic can be built with offline marketing and I have a cheap marketing idea that you won’t mind investing in. Bumper sticker printing with your web address on the sticker is my idea for making a website popular.

These polyolefin stickers remain unaffected from moisture, dust and everything that pollutes environment. They can last long and you can expect your stickers to remain glued to for at least two years. The cost of bumper sticker printing is surprisingly low and the printing is just perfect. This sticky advertising material can be printed in any color including multicolor. Also it can be in any shape and size that resembles your business perfectly. Words printed on polyolefin are legible and can be read from a reasonable distance. Colored printing can increase the legibility of the marketing slogan on the stickers.

The stickers should be good looking and something interesting should be written on them like “keep distance”, “drive slow”, “hello” and anything that interests viewers and the users. Also writing some interesting slogan on the stickers would increase their visibility. For instance an online bookshop can have “books are your best friends” or “I can suggest books” written on its bumper sticker printing. These stickers can also be used to promote a trade event, magic show, movie or a particular service or product. These stickers don’t peel off the bumper or discolor it in anyway. Also they can be used to hide a scratch or dent on the bumper.

You should be worried about how to distribute the stickers and how to encourage people to use them. The…

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