California Immigration Plan to Legalize Workers Faces Hurdles

The issue of illegal immigration has been dealt with in a few red states in the last couple of years. Now the blue states have also started to deal with. The approach is a little different though. About thousands of immigrants are working as support staff in California. They work in the offices; they help with agriculture and many other areas. They are engaged into other professions like working as waiters and they also prepare fast food. Amazingly three fourth of the people engaged into farming are immigrants. It certainly seems unjustified if one looks at things from the immigrants’ point of view.

The workers’ pay the state fee and they are making all possible efforts to mingle with the culture of the state. They are seen making a sincere effort to learn English at least the spoken part of it.

All these days the attempts were made to crack the issue of illegal immigration down and put a stop to it. Now there is a proposal to give work permits to thousands of them. That sounds justified. The legislature opines that all these years the right of immigrants have been neglected due to a lackadaisical approach of the federal government. Manuel Perez representing the Coachella and Imperial Valleys as a Democratic Assembly member affirms that with the bill on California can become a model to the rest of the world. There was a time when Perez was of the opinion of bringing seasonal workers to California. Now he advocates the permit to those people who have spent a major part of their lives in California. He also suggests that they have been working in the state for years now and have surely contributed to the state’s progress in some way or the other. Hence on moral grounds they deserve work permit to live gracefully and fearlessly.

Going by the example of Arizona where the honourable Supreme Court had asked the Cops to implement immigration laws full-fledged California might also get such a directive. The Court might also allow the states to make a few laws of…

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