Choosing the Carpet that is Right for You

Did you know that two carpets can look exactly the same and yet be totally different in quality and price? This is why knowing how to choose a carpet for your home is important. I will share with you some facts about carpets and after that you’ll know how to choose the right one.

Even the cheapest, most low quality carpet will look just like new after a hundred years if no one sets foot on it and yet the finest carpet there is will look terrible just after a few months in room with high traffic. The most important thing to carpets is how long they will remain looking as good as new, not how long they’ll last. Specialists from professional carpet cleaning in London claim that you have to fully deep clean your carpets every few months in order to keep them in a presentable form. Also, it is important to vacuum them at least two times weekly (on both sides). So, the first thing that you have to ask yourself is: For what room do I need the new carpet? If you want a carpet for a guest bedroom that is used not so often then almost any carpet will suffice no matter the quality. On the other hand, if the room or rooms will be subject to a high traffic area such as a living room, hallway or staircase then you need to consider some basic facts about carpet construction.

• Yarn twist – If you are getting a plush style or a cut pile carpet. The “twist” is how many times the yarns are wrapped in a one inch length. If they are wrapped tightly the carpet is of good quality. If the yarns untwist the carpet will no longer look like new.

• Density – This is the number of different yarns in one square inch of a carpet. The closer the yarns are, the higher the density which means that there is less space for the yarns to lay down. Such a carpet will also look good for a very long time.

• Carpet fiber – Carpet yarns are made from different fibers such as wool, nylon, polypropylene, polyester and olefin. So which carpet fiber is the best? It depends on for what…

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