Diet for Pre – Pregnancy

Planning for pregnancy or trying to conceive? If yes, there are lots of things that you need to consider for welcoming your new baby in the world and your diet is one of the main factor that you should take care of. Here are some helpful tips about the pre- pregnancy diet that helps you in increasing your chances of conceiving and provide your body the essential building blocks to make a healthy baby. Remember if you wish to have a healthy baby, than you must yourself be healthier enough during and before the pregnancy.

• Take proper amount of folic acid. Intake of folic acid before and during the first trimester of pregnancy reduces the chances of your baby will born with any neutral tube defects. According to the studies, this vital vitamin is ideal to take during preconception and you can find it in green leafy vegetables and whole grain food items. Some mums to be also take prenatal supplements of folic acid especially when they cannot take this daily requirement through food items. 400 to 600 mcg are recommended dose of folic acid supplements that you can take to ensure your getting fill.

• Eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruits for vitamins.

• Avoid junk food like saturated fat and refined sugars and grains.

• Include fresh ingredients in your meals and avoid pre- processes food that is rich in sugar and fat.

• Include dairy products, a great source of calcium that will help your baby in developing.

• Choose tofu, fish (not more than two in a week), chicken and eggs for proteins and try to adopt average amount of red meat.

• For hormones production, add fatty acids and you can gain fat from nuts and seeds but avoid animal sources for this.

• Eat right food that you think is healthier for you and your baby. Foods that rich in iron, calcium and proteins are essential for pre- pregnancy, so add them in your daily diet. For iron you can eat non- vegetarian food, but in case if you are vegetarian, take iron supplements this time.

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