Do You Need Close Protections?


The term close protection, for many, creates a picture of burly men in black uniforms surrounding celebrities as they walk up the red carpet. Others think of them as bouncers, supposedly protecting the safety of nightclub revellers or customers in a bar. But it’s more than just that and can be needed by all kinds of people at different times in life. You may need it for a short time if you find yourself under threat, or you may have a daily routine that means you require close protection at all times. Security officers do work with celebrities such as pop stars and footballers, but we also provide security to anyone who fears for their safety.


Close protection can be a valuable tool in the everyday life of all sorts of people. Some of our staff members have protected royalty, whilst others have guardede protection to business owners with large sums of money or company secrets to guard for a weekend. The circumstances which require close protection are greatly varied, and you may never know when a dangerous situation is around the corner.


A good agent will not only be trained to maintain your safety once a danger arises, they will also be experienced enough to spot the signs of trouble before they manifest. With close protection, you can have individuals or teams watching all possible avenues of concern, maintaining your safety at the crucial moment. If your close protection is successful, you may never even know you were under threat.


But who really needs this type of service? As has already been discussed, there is a prevailing idea that only certain types will use it. Ask yourself this though: do you spend time in potentially dangerous areas? Do you carry valuable goods or documents that you can’t afford to lose? Are there people out there who may want to cause you harm in some way? If you feel you are at risk of theft, kidnapping, assault, covert surveillance, stalking, or even assassination, then this service may be the way to go.



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