Exactly how Can I Work Through Adolescent Rebellion

The terms “teenage” and “rebellion” may seem like they go together, but it hasn’t always been that way. In the past, getting older meant a child was becoming an adult. Look at their behavior that you call “rebellion” and ask yourself some questions. Is this conduct really my child simply starting to be an adult? Because sometimes what we tag as rebellion may simply be the child making a choice for themselves.


One thing that might help (MIGHT help, mind you! )#) is to think about the choices that other adults make. If your child makes a judgement that you don’t agree with, but it’s a choice that other adults make all the time, maybe it isn’t rebellion at all! Perhaps it is simply your child turning into an adult! For instance, their choice in fashion, or how they style their hair. Their choices may not necessarily be your choices. But are those choices OK? If another adult made that choice, would you be really be upset or confused? Because if not, it could be that it’s an OK choice for your child to make.


Some parents allow their children many choices in their homeschool. Instead of telling them when every thing must be done, they just tell them WHAT items must be done. “Finish these ten things before 5: 00″ for example of this – leaving them to decide when they want to do each item. Some children would prefer to get up at 5: 00 and be done by noon! Is that wrong? Or just a decision they make? What if it’s on the other side? What if they get up at noon, and don’t complete their schoolwork until 5: 00? IS that incorrect, or just a choice?


Honestly, in my home, I really did make them finish their work by 4: 00. I know that it MAY have been a fine choice for them to make, but it didn’t function well with our family. I needed my husband to “play the heavy” in a few areas, so they had to be done before he got home, in order for him to perform his magic and make sure it was all done each day. We had physical activities in…

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