Go Green this Father’s Day

Everyone wants to get Dad the perfect present for Father’s Day to show everlasting appreciation for a lifetime of love and support. It is a general assumption that most fathers, and men in general, enjoy playing with cool tech toys. So it is always safe to assume that the special man in your life will appreciate a new electronic gadget. From the new hybrid Dell laptops to the latest iPad, they want it all.

So forget about the printed ties, “Number One Dad” T-shirts and pen collections, splurge on some new technology for the special man this year. As we near the launch of Windows 8, more and more users will be switching to hybrid devices or touch capable tablets. Don’t let Dad get left out on the new fad. But after he unwraps his shiny new upgraded toy, what will happen to his old, used and worn gadgets?

Electronic consumers are upgrading their devices more often these days than they ever have. What was cool today won’t be cool tomorrow. With so many fathers getting new gadgets and upgrades this Father’s Day, what will these tech savvy dads do with their old devices that have become obsolete? Some toss it aside to be chewed up and ripped apart by their younger children or grandchildren, but we all know the safety hazards of that. Some pass it on as a hand me down to a friend or family member in need, but hardly anyone wants hand me down gadgets these days. Some keep old devices forever in junk drawers. And some just toss it in the trash—the worst option of all.

The best way to get rid of outdated electronics is to recycle them—the proper way. There are a variety of programs like Call2Recycle, which is a free rechargeable battery and cell phone collection program in North America. Consumers can turn in all kinds of old devices such as cell phones, digital cameras, laptops, cordless power tools, and so much more. And this program has multiple drop-off locations at various community collection sites and nationwide retailers such as Best Buy, RadioShack, The Home…

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