Have you considered cellulite removal?

Everyone is aware of cellulite and has no doubt heard or even considered cellulite removal, those seemingly quivering ripples, giving your legs the appearance of a pitted and scarred mass of granite in need of a good polishing, but few of us actually know what cellulite is.


Classed as a topographical skin condition (an awful term in itself really, considering that geographical topography deals with terrain, including the study of areas as pitted as the surface of the moon), cellulite is caused by the herniation (read protrusion) of subcutaneous fat within connective tissue.


Genetics play a large role in the formation of cellulite, with estrogen supposedly being the most important hormone to set off and exacerbate cellulite.


So then, cellulite seems an inescapable and cyclic problem, especially when we take into consideration the evidence that a stressful lifestyle can cause an increase in the level of molecules called catecholamines, molecules associates with the evolution of cellulite.

Cellulite removal from Body Sculpture is achieved using the latest technology in acoustic wave therapy to achieve unparalleled results.  Though it’s not just cellulite removal that the acoustic wave therapy is used for – it also firms up those loose tummies and can reduce stretch marks.  And, unlike liposuction, this method of cellulite removal is non-invasive.


Cellulite removal produces fantastic results in terms of skin smoothing and rejuvenation as well as breaking down those deposits of fat and improving retention of the fat cells in the sub cutis.  Causing the connective tissue to stretch, increasing its elasticity, cellulite removal produces an increase in vascularisation (the development of capillaries) and triggers the release of healing mediators to firm you up.


82% ofpatients at Body Sculpture said that they were happy with the results of their cellulite removal and 95% of practitioners who used the same method of cellulite removal on their…

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