Houston Colocation and Fire Protection

Houston colocation centers are becoming a hot commodity in the technological field. In its simplest definition, colocation refers to housing multiple entities or items in one single location. For the Internet world, that means housing data from multiple sites in one location.

Why Use Colocation Services?

The larger your business and data needs grow, the more storage you will need. Though you can use in-house data storage, Houston datacenters provide an easier, more secure and more organized data storage solution. With theseservices you can store all of your equipment within a private suite that utilizes secured cages, cabinets and specialized security options. These security options can be customized depending on the sensitivity of the information you need to store.

Get Dedicated Storage Customized for Your Needs

If you are thinking about storing in-house rather than using a Houston colocation center, you shouldconsider the amount of space, resources and time utilized in creating a data storage center. Data centers are constructed to house sensitive material using personal suites or protective cages, but in your place of business, you must construct these from scratch. Using a datacenter essentially means:

•  You don’t have to come up with the additional square footage for storage;
•  You don’t have to create a dedicated infrastructure;
•  You don’t have to construct a cage or other private suite storage system;
•  You don’t have to spend additional resources creating backup, security and disaster control methods

Fire Protection

Using a Houston colocation center means your business doesn’t have to create a state-of-the-art fire protection system. After all, if all of your data is housed in a storage unit, you can’t risk it being destroyed by fire. Houston datacenters utilize some of the highest fire prevention and protection standards in the country. Your information is secure in a unit purposely designed to prevent fire breakouts, detect whether a…

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