KATIE HOPKINS: Protests against Trump will embarrass Brits

Do you look at the protestors as I do, and wonder how they have so much spare time on their hands?

Do they not have a school run to be on? A desk to be at? Who has the time or childcare to stand about on a weekday evening waggling a cardboard poster protesting a visit to the UK by Donald Trump?

Sadly enough, the answer is: all these people. 

The shouting masses in London, Glasgow, Newcastle, Manchester, Birmingham and Cardiff — all of them willing to stand about shouting ‘No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA’, despite the fact none of these are likely to listen to people who are undoubtedly in need of a job, a shower or both.

The thousands of people protesting (pictured in London) against a state visit to the UK by Donald Trump will only end up embarrassing themselves. 

These protests and the petition signed by more than 1.7million people are only…

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