Learn the components of RC trucks

As you all know, currently RC vehicles have become a very popular topic. Among them, RC trucks have gain much more attention than the other RC vehicles because of their advance features. When it comes to the controlling system of the RC truck, we can identify several main components. Electric motor, Electronic speed controller (ESC), battery, receiver and servos are among those main components. Let’s see the purposes and importance of each and every component separately.


Electric motor is the component which gives the kinetic energy to your RC truck. Without the motor there won’t be any movement of the truck. Basically electric motors can be divided in to two main categories. It is brushed motors and brushless motors. Brushed motors have permanent magnets inside the can and coil wound core is rotated in order to give the rotary motion. Brushes are in contact with the metal connectors of the coil ends and eventually, brushes are worn out because of the friction of the rotating core.


When it comes to the brushless motors, it does not have a coiled core. Instead of that, permanent magnet is placed as a core and coils are wound inside the can of the motor. The power supply is given to the fixed coils of the motor by three wire connectors. So there is no brush wearing problem exists in brushless motors.


Compared to the brushed motors, brushless motors have longer life time. And also it can reach to higher RPM values than brushed motors. When it comes to the price, brushless motors are expensive than the brushed motors. But the investment of a brushless motor will provide you long term benefits. Because of those reasons newly made RC trucks are mainly consists with brushless motors.


Electronic speed controller is usually called as ESC. ESC is the component which controls the motor speed according to the signal given by the receiver. As soon as you increase the throttle of your remote controller, it sends a signal to the receiver. Receiver gives the…

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