Learn to Smile and Encourage Others in Life

A little girl went out to play as usual, but when she came back, she took a paper bag with her. Her parents were confused and asked her what were in the bag. The little girl answered that it was one hundred thousand dollars. The parents did not believe and then they open the bags. To their surprise, there were really one hundred thousand dollars in the bags.

Parents couldn’t believe what they saw, so they asked the girl where the money came from. The girl smiled and said: “An uncle gave it to me.” They continued to ask why the uncle gave her so much money, the girl answered: “I did not do something special, and the uncle gave me the money.” Just like nothing happened, the girl smiled again and went on playing again.

This news was spreading all over the town, and almost everyone knew this lucky girl. Some people admired the good luck of the girl, while some people even said they must be relatives. After several days, there were many journalists came to interview the family. Their questions were almost the same: “Why did the strange man give so much money to an unknown girl?” The answer of the little girl did not change at all: “I did nothing.” The answer of the girl was discussed in large range by the society, and some journalists even started to search the generous uncle.

Later, the mysterious veil of the uncle was lifted. He was an entrepreneur of the other province and his income was as high as several billions. But the rich material enjoyment caused a lot changes to his peaceful life. Because he did not come back home frequently to work overtime in company, his wife had an affair and the family began to break. Their only child was judged to be raised by his wife. Since he lost family and hope, he went to another province to decide to end his own life. In his journey, he met the little girl. The sweet smile of the little girl burned the hope for the desperate man. In order to thank her, he gave the girl one hundred thousand dollars.


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