Nitrotek’s RC Tanks and boat section

Nitrotek is well known for making great models of Radio Controlled tanks and radio Controlled boats. Radio controlled models are the remote control vehicles that can be controlled remotely.


Our remote controlled Tanks are the fighting vehicles that can be move, rotate as well as able to shoot. Our tanks are able to entertain the children as well as mature. We have a huge collection of models having affordable and the best prices. We are able to provide you the best according to your choice, skill and budget. The four categories of remote controlled tanks are

>> Toy Tanks

>> 1.30 RC tank

>> 1.24 RC tank

>> 1.16 RC tank

Our toy tanks give the more pleasure to the children and their price range is about 34.99 pounds to 38.99 pounds. Our 1.30 RC tanks are not so expensive and their price is near about 30 pounds. Their models are prepared on the basis of world war-2 war. Our 1.24 RC tanks are the modern tanks that entered us services in 1980. They are heavier and are able to give more loads of fun. One important model of 1.24 RC tanks is 1.24 Air soft BB MI A2 BATTLE RC TANKS.  Their price range is near about40 pounds. Our 1.30 RC tanks are featured well. They have a great and fantastic look. The sound effects are creative. Their price range is 69.98 pounds -179.99 pounds.


In this section, we have four categories of radio controlled boats.

>> Hover Crafts

>> 1.16 RC Boat

>> 1.14 RC Boat

>> 1.10 RC Boat

Hover Crafts are the electric remote controlled boats. Its features are excellent and more powerful. Their price range is near about 40 pounds. The features of 1.16 RC Boats are stylish and authentic. Their price range is 3.99 pounds – 59.98 pounds. Our 1.14 RC Boats are full of tremendous thrust and torque. Their price range is near about 60 pounds. And the most powerful boats are 1.10 RC Boats. These are used for racing purposes. The main feature of these types of boats is that it has interchangeable crystals to use multiple boats…

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