NuWave Oven: A healthier, faster and tasty way of cooking!

There’s a new way to bake foods very easily without using fats and unnecessary oils, which are harmful to your health and may wreck your diet plan. The NuWave Oven is a tabletop way to cook. It enables you to cook chicken, meat, fish and other food items without warming up the whole kitchen along the way. The NuWave Pro model also has an optional Extender Ring Kit for any time you need more cooking space, a unique locking device and a digital control panel for accurate cooking.

This special approach to cooking allows heat to be used by 3 simultaneous techniques. The conduction lets heat come in contact with the food; infrared heat cooks food inside and outside at the same time. The convection process also assists by circulating the warmed air around the food to finish your cooking. With this particular triple preparation system, it is simple to barbeque, fry, broil, bake, grill, steam or roast the food product of your choice. Your NuWave Oven can perform many of these tasks without any kind of pre-heating, or defrosting. This particular tabletop cooker does not even require any kind of open ventilation, which will keep your kitchen cool while the meals are cooking.

Now, all you need to do is start the NuWave Pro Oven and within few minutes, your meal will start to sizzle as the cooking process advances. The users will love the fast cooking time. Also, there’s almost no cleaning required when the food is prepared for serving. You are able to always check on the progress of the cooking since the cover is a dome made of sturdy, durable plastic. This cover retains any splashes or splatters from the food product neatly contained, which will keep your kitchen and counters free of stains. The base of the NuWave Pro is able to act as a serving tray, making clean up very simple.

The NuWave Oven offers any user the very best and most convenient method of preparing succulent and tasty meats with a crisp, browned surface and fantastic moist texture. You can enjoy the…

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