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Food is one of the important part of life. A healthy and tasty food served at the table is one of the important thing. One of the most delicious food served and loved by many is pad Thai recipe. Lots of people like this recipe and many people search on internet to know the best pad Thai recipes. If you want to try the pad Thai recipe and serve it to your family when they get together or when you want to spend weekend with your friends then it is the best option as it is loved by many peoples. The taste, the fragrance and the ingredients can leave your mouth watering. You will find a lot of great Thai recipes ideas on the Masterchef Australia.

People from age to age love pad Thai recipe because this food is easy to cook. It can also satisfy your hunger and it is the cheapest food in Thailand. One serve of pad Thai can make your stomach full as the ingredients that are inside the pad Thai recipe are noodle, tofu, chicken are just perfectly combined. You can even add more ingredients if you want depending upon your choice. Pad Thai have always attract peoples because of its incredible taste. The one thing that pad Thai recipe contain is flavor, the blend, the taste or the food itself, one thing is sure about it is that it is a favorite dinner among many Thai peoples.

To cook pad Thai recipe at home you need the ingredients are salt, eggs, bean sprouts, lemon juice, pad Thai rice noodles, tomato sauce, brown sugar, fish sauce ( you can purchase fish sauce from food store ) , peanut oil, minced garlic, red paper flakes, grated carrots, chopped green onion and chopped peanuts. To make pad Thai recipe first of all boil water in a pan and add bean sprouts in it. Boil for few seconds, drain them. After that boil noodles in another pan.

When the noodles get cooked, drain them and rinse with cold water. In a bowl beat the eggs and add pinch of salt. In another bowl add lime juice, brown sugar, fish sauce, tomato sauce and still well. Heat the peanut oil in a frying pan ,…

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