Promotional Pens Improve Brand Perception and Recall

Promotional pens and pencils are a staple in the $18 billion promotional products industry because they work! Studies show that the well-chosen pen is an affordable advertisement that helps to create positive brand awareness and recall. Recipients remember your brand for months. Existing customers reorder faster than those who receive coupons. And over half of recipients say that they use the product daily, do business with the company, and that their impression of the company is more positive.

According to, one of the largest U.S. distributors of Bic promotional pens, you’ll get the best return if you take time to really match the right pen to your audience and the event or method of distribution.

That’s not as easy as it sounds. There are literally thousands combinations of barrel, cap, ink, colors, and writing styles of promo pens to choose from. Use your distributor’s sales representatives to help guide you. To start, you can get some great ideas by looking at some of these Bic promotional pens. Bic is one of the leading manufacturers in the industry. Named for company founder Marcel Bich, Bic created its first imprinted pen, the Bic Graphic, in 1969.  Today, the company offers an incredible array of styles for every budget and taste.  

Different Strokes for Different Folks

The trick is to choose promotional pens or pencils that convey the right branding message to your target audience. If you your company sellsa higher-value item or service, for example, reflect its value with a sleeker, more upscale design – maybe a sleek, retractable ballpoint pen with a gold-plated and nicely balanced metal barrel. Using your company’s colors, mix and match barrel and cap colors to create a brand billboard.

Some people prefer the smooth feel of gel inks. Some prefer traditional ballpoints, others the roller pen with a snug-snapping cover. While rarer these days, even fountain pens still have some fans.

Another factor in deciding the type of pen to use is…

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