Reduce Your Carbon Footprint To Fight Climate Change

Global warming is a real phenomenon, it’s happening all around us, and every individual is responsible for a small part. That’s why it’s important that we all do our part to fight climate change and reduce our impact.

Climate change is making the average world temperature slowly creep up to levels never experienced by humans. The difference this time (it was hotter when the dinosaurs were around) is that humans are the main cause of this climate shift and the temperature is rising much more rapidly than ever before.

The negative consequences of this trend include acidifying oceans, dying coral reefs, severe weather patterns like strong hurricanes and El Nino’s, deserts that are getting bigger, and droughts.

In the face of those large problems, some may believe it’s too difficult to fight global warming, but actually it’s quite simple to reduce your climate impact. Instead of trying to save a few sheets of toilet paper here and there, let’s focus on the big wins and how you can make a dramatic difference.

1) Stop using so much electricity. To accomplish this, replace all of your incandescent light bulbs with CFL’s. Not only do they use a fraction of the energy, but they last about ten times as long. Ready to go the extra mile? Replace your outdoor lights with solar lights or even put a solar system on your roof to generate your home’s electricity.

2) Use public transportation, your bike, or just walk. The emissions from cars represent a large percentage of global warming-causing greenhouse gases. Reduce your impact by driving less. Ready to go the extra mile? Cut down on your flying every year, replace your older car with a hybrid or other fuel efficient car, or consider making your family only a one-car family.

3) Buy less “stuff.” Consumerism represents a big chunk of carbon emissions. It takes a lot of energy to mine the raw materials, manufacture, package, ship, use, and then dispose of all that stuff you buy. Consider becoming more minimalist and paying for…

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