Sometimes Too Much Love is a Kind of Harm

Once there was a lake called Swan Lake. In the middle of the lake, there was an island, on which an old fisherman and his wife lived. The fisherman rowed a boat to fish, while his wife feed chickens and ducks. Except to buy some oil and salt, they have little contact with the outside world.

One year in fall, a group of swans came to the island. They came from the far north and got ready to go south for the winter. The elderly couple was very happy to see these visitors from afar, because they had lived here for so many years and no one had visited. The couple treated the swans with food for chickens and the fish they caught. Gradually, these swans and the couple became friends. They not only dared to strut on the island, but also could be onboard and play around.

When the winter came, these swans even did not continue to fly to the south. They looked for food on the lake during the day and habituated on the island at night. When the lake was frozen and they could not look for food, the old couple opened their cottage for them to get warm and gave them food.

This love continued until the arrival of spring, when the lake thawed. Day after day, year after year, every winter, the old couple was so dedicated to them with love. One year, the couple was old enough and left the island. Then the swan also disappeared. They had not flown to the south, but frozen to death in the second year when the lake thawed. Sometimes love is a kind of harm, which is fatal.

Have we brought harm to students because of “love”? We always worry that the students cannot establish order in the class, so we establish class rules; we always worry that the students cannot do sanitation well, so we make an example; we always worry that student violate, so we instruct with good intentions; we always worry that there may be problems of students’ spring outing, so we give up the desire of students looking for spring;

Of these “love”, some will hurt their hearts, some will make their…

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