Ten classic complaints about women from men

1. Women can never get bored of shopping. Almost every man believe that every woman is a shopaholic. They do not know what’s the meaning of shopping or shopping therapy. The women always like to try or try on a pile of clothes and accessories even if they won’t buy anything.

2. Women spend money too impulsively. Men dislike women to buy so many fancy gadgets. It seems that they don’t think about whether they really need it or whether they are of any use. 


3. Women can be too demanding on men even when they are tired, have a headache or have just come back from work. One of the most common complaints is that women like to take man as “emotional trash”. A man doesn’t understand why a woman always keeps taking about her troubles, even if they has no interest to listen to.


4. Women spend too much time getting ready. Men know, women really love to dress themselves up — whether it is a date, an important workplace or a party, even a funeral. For men, they can get it down with a clean shirt, some hairspray and perfume.


5. Women are too stuck up with the cleanliness of the house. Men won’t care about throwing dirty socks or wet towel on the bed. But women can’t tolerate this bad habit. So, being clear and putting things in order are also the complaints that men are likely to have about women.


6. Women take the longest of time to make the silliest of decisions. Men generally believe that women are whimsical and capricious in making decisions. Sometimes, they swear never talk to their girlfriends; sometimes, they spend a few hours discussing which lipstick is moisturizing.


7. Women start nagging, especially after marriage. Men hate the nagging from the women around him like mother, sisters, aunts, girlfriend or wife. Most men are especially afraid of their girlfriends turning into a full-time nagger after getting married.


8. Women read into things too much. What men differ from women is that they like looking at problems in a simple and…

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