The Endless Wonders of the Beautiful Nature

We all have the urge to capture the beautiful and the endless wonders of the nature. While flipping through the travel and wildlife magazines, we get amazed just by watching the pictures of the nature. But we all wonder the tricks, of capturing these images in its most natural form. But we cannot learn the skill of photography in just one day; every art takes time to be learned and mastered. To master any art we need knowledge, practice and creativity and a good camera if the art is photography.

So the ones who are willing to explore and learn the art of photography, may find this article useful-

Camera- The most basic thing to get started for the art of photography is to go digital and for that a digital EOS camera is the safest and the best bet. Choose the camera that will fit your budget and your bag too. The digital SLR cameras have the facility to interchangeable lens and these cameras come with the quality of kit lens that are typically in the range of 17-55mm and 2.8-3.5f. But for nature photography these kit lens are not very useful so for this kind of photography a good 28-105mm and a 100-300mm would work as the best bet. If the camera has the feature of image stabilizer and auto focus feature then it sure will be an added advantage. So while shooting the wildlife keep all these things in mind and don’t forget to have your tripod handy. Print all these images in laser printers using the best quality ink cartridge for better results.

Light- Light plays a very important role in nature photography and its importance just can’t be ignored. Depending on the prospects of light, the same place can look different in different set of time, presence or absence of cloud, dust or moisture in the air. So set your eyes and focus whether the light is in the morning or it is in the afternoon. Mornings will have a warm golden or a yellow tone and afternoons will have a bright deep shadow and even the weather would be dusty. It will make the weather unattractive and…

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