The Thinking of a Fool

When a passes an apple orchard, it saw two branches at the root of a tree. It just needed such branch to help it shed its skin quickly.


The apple orchard was managed by a fool. Every day he watered, fertilized, weed and cut branches. He picked up the snake slough and simply gazed for a long time. He was not sure why the snake shed for no reason. Is it the need for growth or due to being sick? At this moment, the snake was elated because it just shed the old skin that restricted its growth, singing “the song of snake slough” loudly.


The fool went to ask the snake: “Why did you shed the leather around your body? Just in order to look beautiful?”


The snake said: “We shed skin due to the need for growth. Each time we shed, we’ll grow older. It is not because we want to be beautiful or other reasons. It is a natural phenomenon, just like a little child grows permanent teeth!”


After listening to the words of the snake, the fool began seriously thinking. He thought no wonder that the fruit trees he had planted grow so slowly, it is because they are wrapped by bark. So he held a kitchen knife and decided to peel off all bark of each tree, thus the white wood bone was exposed. When he started to peel off the first tree, all the trees were shouting: “My master, please don’t peel off our skin. Without skin, we cannot transport nutrients and water on, and then we would all die”!


The fool ignored them and said: “A live snake would grow older when shed skin each time. How could you die without skin? It is no wonder that you usually asked me for water to drink and something to eat. What nutrients do you need? You need nothing but a tree root and a body. I just need apples rather than bark. You are all restricted by the bark, so you grow so slowly. As a result, my benefits grow more slowly!”


Soon, all the apple trees died.


The fool said: “They commit suicide because they expect too much and feel depressed…”

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