What Is The Need For Briquetting Plant?

Briquetting plant is needed to convert waste gathered from agriculture, forestry and industries into solid fuel. Briquettes are created in logs that are cylindrical in shape through the usage of high pressure but without using any kind of chemicals. The briquetting press produces fuel that is a perfect substitute for conventional fossil fuels and can be easily used across different manufacturing facilities such as furnaces, kilns and boilers. Since waste from agriculture and industry is converted into solid fuel therefore it helps save conventional energy resources and it is any day much more economical.

The biomass briquette prevents from fossil carbon being added to the atmosphere and there have been companies that have also switched from furnace oil to briquettes to save costs. There are undoubtedly major advantages associated with the usage of briquetting plant and some of them include:

  • One of the foremost reasons is that it is renewable energy and therefore it prevents the consumption of non-renewable energy.
  • It is completely environmental friendly and easy availability means it is renewable.
  • It is any day much less expensive and therefore saves cost when compared to the usage of fossil fuels.
  • Any type of agro-forestry waste can be turned into finished briquettes such as ground-nut shell, Custer shell, saw dust, bamboo dust, wheat husk etc.
  • A briquette plant can work round the clock and still not incur high costs, which mean higher profitability is ensured.
  • Since briquettes contain no sulfur therefore there are no chances of sulfur polluting the environment.
  • Briquettes are also capable of providing higher boiler efficiency due to high density and low moisture.
  • Since briquettes are generated near the consumption center therefore the supplies are not dependent on transport from long distances.
  • One more important factor is that briquettes are also easy to pack and store and extremely hygienic to manage.

These are just some of the benefits that are associated…

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