Which Nursing Degree Should You Be Aiming For?

Just as there are many different types of nurses you will find that there are many different kinds of nursing degrees.   However when you do decide to become a nurse in order to determine which course to undertake you need to decide on the kind of career in nursing you wish to follow.   In this article we take a look at some of the degrees now available for those who want to become nurses.   

1.   ADN (Associates Degree in Nursing)  – This is a two-year course and is the minimum requirement needed for those who would like to become Registered Nurses.   Although this is a very good degree to have a large number of employers prefer their registered nursing staff to have a bachelor’s degree whenever possible.   Of course there are still a few medical establishments that will employ you in positions where you may need to be supervised when carry out certain tasks but will also allow you to continue your education to obtain a bachelor’s nursing degree.

2.  BSN (Bachelor Of Science In Nursing) – Today this is a degree that is required for many but not all careers in the nursing profession.   Typically the course to obtain such a nursing degree will last for four years and will be made up of both classroom and hands on training.   The American College of Nursing is one such institute that will be able to provide you with information regarding where locally to you this course can be undertaken.

3.  MSN (Master’s Of Science In Nursing) – In order to actually obtain an MSN degree you must first have a bachelor’s degree in nursing or degree in a related field.   Once you have obtained this type of nursing degree it allows you to move on from being a Registered Nurse to being an Advanced Practice Nurse.   As such a nurse you have more autonomy and provided with more authority over day-to-day tasks.   

To obtain this nursing degree it requires you to undergo a further 1 to 2 years of coursework.   But in many cases what you will find is that…

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