Why people spy on somebody’s cell phone?


You must be able to access the phone that you want to install this software. You can not install it on your own phone and in a position to whatever is on your friends phone to see. But you can see that everything you do on your own phone. It will even show web pages, emails, and all the other activities that allow for your cell phone.


So, you might think, why would anyone want to buy this spyware. There are quite a few reasons for this response.

First You want to have children and monitor where they are and what they do.

Second You think that your lover may be cheating with you, but you need proof.

Third You own a company and issue phones to their employees.

These are just a few reasons, but the list can go on and on.


The most popular reason, keep an eye on your children. You never know what they could do in their teenage years. If your daughter will get into trouble too much, this will help you figure out why. Suppose you child is not yet a teenager, this software can be used to track their location. Now a days you really should be able to see where is your child. Your teenager will not like who installs this software, but they did not know about. It is completely confidential and are not detectable on all phones.


This is also really like when your partner or spouse cheating on you.




You can be while they are sleeping and see if they really cheating on you. You will not know its installed and you do not need to find out about them to care.


If you have a business and society edition phones, this is ideal for keeping track of your employees. You will always know where they are and you will be able to see if they are abusing their company is a telephone. Its totally discreet, so that they do not even know you’re keeping track of them.


There are many different reasons to use this spyware. To ensure a good one before it on a different phone.

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