Why You Need a Christian Mate

Everyone wants a loving partner. For most, finding someone to have a relationship with is all about receiving love. While anyone can offer fleshly pleasure, very few can provide the permanent lasting love. Some people think to draw a line between spiritual love, like the love of Jesus, from romantic love between two lovers. Yet fleshly love is only temporary and will quickly leave the relationship. Truly, the most satisfying love you can receive from your partner will be spiritual!

With that in mind, who better understands what a transforming effect such a great love can have more than a fellow Christian? To be able to share in that same love is important. Remember also, the reason for marriage: to form a godly family, and Paul’s warning against being “unequally yoked”. If you do not share the same religious beliefs it will be difficult to pass them on to your children. Spreading the message of love and hope is one of our main duties as a Christian parent.

Now, for the Protestant and Catholic divide. Don’t be too quick to write off one another. While there are some differences in doctrine, what is most important is their relationship with God in their everyday lives. If you can see God working his love through them, that is what it means to be a Christian. It may take some adjusting to, so it is something you should address upfront.

Finding a Christian online to date is not hard. Relationships’ Christian dating service has a staggering 400,000 members and popular dating service Christian Cafe has over 100,000. There are tens of thousands of Christians in every state using these Christian dating services to look for a godly partner to share God’s joy with. Many of these dating sites offer great ways to meet someone who even shares specific beliefs with you. Dating Disciples offers free bible study groups, allowing you to discuss your beliefs with many of potential friends and dates. Many have forums or prayer-request sections that also give you exposure to a supportive Christian community.

Remember, even though these are Christian dating websites and seemingly the last place any criminal would go, consider your safety. Be careful with your personal information and if you do decide to meet them make sure to do it in a public place, or better yet, invite them to your local church!

So what are you waiting for? There’s a partner God has chosen just for you out there!

Jonathan Baldwin is the owner of a Christian Dating Service comparison website, where you can find a copy of the article here: Why You Need a Christian Mate

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